Ever wonder if you are really hungry?

Kayla Bell, MPH, RD, LD             I get it. Diet culture and wellness culture frame hunger as a bad thing, subtly signaling that if you’re not 100% certain you’re hungry, you probably shouldn’t eat. We paint eating in this context as inappropriate, immoral, or even harmful. Slowly we learn to second guess our internal cues. […]

In the News: Lindsey Ricciardi named the UNLV Liberal Arts Alumna of the Year 2022

Battling the Stigma Around Body Image: We are grateful to share that Dr. Ricciardi has just been named the UNLV Liberal Arts Alumna of the Year 2022. Also, Dr. Ricciardi was just featured in this online article in the UNLV News Center on this topic: “Lindsey Ricciardi’s dedication to treating eating disorders and serving the […]

Six Ways Parents Can Help Protect Children from Eating Disorders

Marina Harris, Ph. D. Former trainee of the Eating Disorder Institute, now licensed psychologist National surveys suggest that nearly 30 million Americans will develop an eating disorder at some point in their lifetime. Most eating disorders will begin during adolescence. One of the myths about eating disorders is that they are caused by families. By […]