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We specialize in providing compassionate, individualized, and evidence-based, outpatient treatment for eating disorders and related concerns.


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You can rest assured that you will be in competent, experienced, and caring hands at The Eating Disorder Institute of Las Vegas. When it comes to eating disorder treatment, we know what we are doing, and we care deeply about what we do. It is all we do!


Since our inception we have helped many in the Las Vegas community with their treatment of eating disorders.

Our team of licensed therapists and nutritionists work daily with people just like you. 

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The Percentage of People with Eating Disorders that are Medically Underweight
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Americans that Have an Eating Disorder


Why Choose Us

You will uncover your why

One of the first things we take our time on is understanding the why you are experiencing what you are.

You will be Fully Supported

We will always actively be listening to everything you are going through and support your journey.

You will Gain Tools

We will provide you with specific tools and exercises to do when triggered by certain emotions.

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Our Services

Individual Therapy

Finding the right therapist who treats eating disorders can be very overwhelming. Let us help you navigate the process.

Group Therapy

Eating disorders thrive in isolation. Group therapy is an effective way to confront and challenge the secrecy and loneliness of the disorder, while gaining valuable knowledge and tools to facilitate recovery.

Family Based Treatment

Enlisting caregivers in meal support can give teens the best chance of full recovery. At the EDI, we provide Family Based Treatment (FBT) for adolescents with eating disorders.

Nutrition Counseling

We offer eating disorder specialized medical nutritional therapy, as well as nutrition counseling. At the EDI, we are anti-diet. We follow the principles of Intuitive Eating and we are Health at Every Size (HAES) aligned.

Meal Support

Eating alone can be incredibly challenging, especially early in recovery. At the EDI we provide virtual and in-person meal support.

Public Speaking

Do you want your organization to learn more about eating disorders? Dr. Ricciardi has over 20 years of professional speaking experience. Audiences include medical professionals to lay persons and everything in between.

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